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RuSpace – Suzy’s Russian space site

“RuSpace” (Russian Spaceflight, космический полёт России) is a somewhat idiosyncratic personal site about one of my interests, the Russian manned spaceflight program, with emphasis on the contemporary space program. The site covers the elements of interest to me, so it is not intended as a comprehensive guide (links to other sites are provided for more information).

The sections contain details about the current Cosmonaut Group, the Russian spaceships and spacesuits in use, and some other miscellaneous topics. The Russian segment of the International Space Station is also described; this is presently the program’s main focus.

I have also kept an external blog but it is currently in hibernation.


  • As of 2015, this site is infrequently updated as I have lost some interest in maintaining it, so a few pages need updating if I get the motivation to :-).
  • Site online since 21 September 2003
  • 21/8/2015: Spacewalk and HTV5 launch; relevant tables updated