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  • Site online since 8 September 2005
  • Site update – 12 March 2014: Site information page updated – screenshots of earlier site designs added
  • Image below: site author, 9 November 2013
Site author, 9/11/2013

My name is Suzanne (Suzy) McHale ♀, I was born in 1970 and I live in Melbourne, Australia. This is my personal domain; a place for my interests and writings, and to leave some evidence of my otherwise-obscure existence.


  • Suzy’s Space: my online journal, begun November 2004. Opinions on and ramblings about various topics. This is frequently updated.
  • RuSpace – Suzy’s Russian space site: my original website! One of my interests is the Russian manned spaceflight program, so I created this site for it. The main focus is on the contemporary Russian space program.

External sites

Like many other people, I have various accounts scattered across the Internet, so these are some of my main ones:

  • Blogger profile: portal to my blogs (these are currently mostly dormant)
  • DeviantART account: a selection of my art
  • Facebook page: you need to be a member, then friend me to see it. I post infrequently, but visit most days.
  • Google+ profile: I tend to forget about this, so it is mostly unused!
  • Pinterest boards
  • WordPress: alternative portal page (bookmark in case my main site is unavailable)